A unique event, the first of its kind, gathering the best guitarists in Lebanon on one stage playing amazing originals and covers that mostly amazed the audience. A good number of people came, with an unusually high portion of the audience being artists, which showed the highly artistic concept of the event.


  • Alain Ibrahim – Turbulence & Ostura
  • Richard Samia – April
  • Omara Khaddaj – Shadowalls
  • Ossy Mash – Rebellion
  • Bilal Wehbe
  • Maurice Semaan
  • Nareg Vassillian
  • Sevag Hadjian
  • Adnan Jabbado


The event started with everyone excited and ready to listen to the guitarists who were about to amaze us. These musicians were all great, no exception. Giving off great vibes, the audience was well engaged with the musicians who played their hearts out. The sound system wasn’t great (to be expected at The Quadrangle), a bit faulty but it passes. While I was personally really impressed by Maurice Semaan, who amazed the crowd with his amazing skills and techniques, I was hoping to see much more from Adnan Jabbado though, who recently released a truly amazing music video.

The event also featured amazing talents, including Alain Ibrahim, the talented guitarist from Turbulence, Omara Khaddaj, Shadowalls’ exceptional guitarist, Nareg Vassilian, the rising guitarist who rocked NEW BLOOD,  April’s progging guitarist Richard Samia, thrashy Ossy Mash, the melodic Bilal Wehbe, and jazzy Sevag.


Regardless, the show was great, and everybody loved it. This event was big for its size; it showed great hidden talents, and I watched new guitarists playing live, which helped introduce hidden talents to our rock/metal scene. Cheers to that! I think this event has the potential to be held annually rather than being a one-time occurrence, as it really helps bring exposure to the artists, many of whom were new to me.


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