British musician SEAL is known to go around cities he is performing in in search for local street musicians. Once he discovers a fresh talent, Peter Chouchanihe pulls out his phone and broadcasts the street performance via Facebook Live to his fans in order to promote a local talent, and Peter Chouchani from Lebanon was Seal’s choice this time.

Seal has a Zero to Hero concept in which he finds a local street performer and promotes the performer through Facebook to his fans. Seal found Peter in Beirut Souks through a local promoter and recorded his performance, interviewed him, and finally Seal and Peter did a duet together, “Englishman in New York” by Sting.

In a video posted after the meeting, Seal describes finding good street performers is like finding a diamond in the rough. He also states several times in the videos he posted during his stay in Lebanon that he wouldn’t have been where he is if it weren’t for promoters and people who supported him, emphasizing the importance of promoting talents found on the street several times.

We hope this initiative will cause other musicians to adopt a similar approach towards street performers and give them the same chance Seal has given Peter Chouchani and many others.

Cover Photo Credit: SEAL

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