Roswell takes on Egypt this November for three consecutive days for the first time in the band’s career…

The Lebanese Rock band will be playing at three different places in Cairo:

The band commented as follows on playing in Egypt:

So this is our first time performing in Egypt, it’s part of our tour. We can’t explain how excited we are, we have always heard of the music scene in Egypt as one of the best in the region, so we look forward to explore it. We were supposed to have 5 shows there, but due to work obligations, we can only do three. Our tour is organized by Evoria, they are a hardworking and a passionate events management in Egypt, we believe they are the best choice for us right now.
All in all, this is a trip of a lifetime for us, we’ll do our best to make the Lebanese scene proud.

We also asked the band whether the political status in Egypt is a source of concern for them, on which they commented:

Some were warning us about the political situation in Egypt nowadays, but we don’t really care. Music speaks louder than anything. We got plenty of friends and fans in Egypt that we look forward to meet, that’s all what matters… Besides, we come from Lebanon, do we really need to compare political issues here?

Roswell recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary, and released a video for the album titled track “Unraveling New Beginnings”. Make sure to check out the album over here or here.


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