Happy anniversary Ghaith, Rudy, Fadi, and Vik! The Lebanese Alternative/Rock band, Roswell, has reached its tenth birthday. Can you believe we’ve been rocking to Roswell for a decade?  

Initiated in 2005 by its very own gifted vocalist, Ghaith El Horr, Roswell set out to accomplish boundless things ever since. Just a year through their launch, Roswell released their debut EP “Reflections”, which gained them huge success and established a strong fan base. Furthermore, Reflections’ fourth track, “Black Diamond”, marvellously shined and featured itself on the top 5 most requested songs on NRJ. Roswell exceptionally bolstered their local success. They became the first rock band in Lebanon to perform with a symphony in an acoustic set. Due to geographical issues, the band had to change their lineup multiple times thus postponing their debut album. “Out of Reach” was finally released in 2011 after multiple delays. They attained further fame when they got signed to a record label. It was yet another worthy release from Roswell.


The band also starred with unforgettable performances in grand shows, locally and internationally, like “Rock Grip – Jordan” and “Back to The Roots”. Roswell didn’t just perform in concerts; they also won competitions like the AUST Outdoor Competition. In 2012, they became the first Middle Eastern band to be the supporting act for the brilliant English rock band, “Keane”. Remarkable. And in March 2015, their third album, “Unraveling New Beginnings”, was released. The album encompassed memorable hits like “A Lost King in a Haven”, which has a beautiful violin melody, and “AND I (feat. Marylin Kasparian)”. They both have vibrant and lovely music videos that can be found on Roswell’s very own YouTube channel. The album will be followed by a tour through nations like Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, and UK.

The work didn’t stop there of course, as they tackled the garbage crisis by putting together a video for their song“Unraveling New Beginnings”. Found below.

With ten years of dedicated work, Roswell have definitely marked their presence in the Lebanese music scene. Any band would be overwhelmingly proud of such accomplishments. Roswell, on behalf of your fans, we thank you and wish to see you advance with your music for another ten years.

Happy anniversary Roswell!

-Jad Baghdadi

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