The name Phenomy is rather new to all of us, and for those who are not updated with our scene’s latest news, Phenomy is a name they have never heard of. Yet, the work done by the band is remarkable. Having only started 2 months ago, this would probably be the best start any band could ask for.

Phenomy is a Lebanese 5-piece band that initially started with lead guitarist Loic El Hadad and drummer Rudy Bejjani. Both played together for 7 years before they started looking for members and completed their lineup after Adel Hasan joined on vocals, Dany Arfan on rhythm guitar, and Raymond Ghorayeb on bass.

Now that the band is alive and active, you probably would like to know that they have a full album waiting to be recorded. And if that is not quite an accomplishment, here is the best news: Phenomy will be participating in Persian Rock & Metal festival in Turkey on the 28th of March alongside with the Iranian Master of Persia, organizers of the event, Anuryzm from Dubai, and other bands from around the world.

We would like to support Phenomy as they represent our scene in Turkey, giving us, Lebanese metalheads, something to be proud of.

Check out Phenomy’s page on Facebook and show them support HERE