PHENOMY And ANGMAR Cancel Participation in Kalmah Dubai Show!

Only one day before the Show, UAE-based band ANGMAR cancel their participation in Kalmah Live In Dubai show. The cancellation is due to the band’s vocalist Tareq B Noufal’s sickness. Read full statement below:

“This is to announce that unfortunately our vocalist has been trying to recover from sickness to catch tomorrow performance but won’t be able to make it . We do apologise to all our brothers and friends that expected to see us tomorrow and we thank Metal East Records for their immense support giving us this opportunity to share the stage with Kalmah (Official) / AtriA Band / Phenomy . We wish everyone the greatest performance tomorrow and to have hell of brutal time . ANGMAR”

As for PHENOMY, who were excited to perform their first show in the UAE, the reason was different but also related to the vocalist. Bassam Felfly was held at the Lebanese airport upon travel restrictions. Read full statement from Phenomy below:

“We are still in shock as we write this statement for the unfortunate turn of events since yesterday as we were about to head for our gig in Dubai.

Everything was ready; passports, visas and tickets. Headed to the airport with our equipment and passed the initial check in to be surprised our vocalist was held up for sometime. Apparently, for legal issues he had “restriction of exit” until a further notice and therefore we missed our flight.

During the last 24 hours our management and us have been trying all possible ways to find a solution but with no outcome.

Saddened by the unexpected events, we hereby apologize for the people of Dubai for not making into the country to play our show as well as the promoters and our fellow bands Kalmah (Official)), Angmar UAE and AtriA Band. This event was one we looked forward to as it would have been our first time in the country playing with the great Kalmah (Official).

We cannot express all the gratitude we have for Metal East Records for this great opportunity.

People of Dubai, we look forward to repay you a visit, until then have a blast.”

In an update, Bashar Sawaya, owner and manager of Bach Entertainment, posted the following regarding the situation:

I would like to thank moukaddam 2awal 2alfred kostfen for all his efforts to help us. The good news is the travel restriction is gonna be canceled on monday 12 noon. The bad news is its too late. I personally apologise about the mess that happened. I hope we can make it up to the audience and the promotors. Thank you guys for your endless support and understanding.”

PHENOMY And ANGMAR Cancel Participation in Kalmah Dubai Show