The Lebanese Melodic Death Metal band Nocturna released a new track titled “The Last Fall”.

The track is from their upcoming album, “The Gates Of Peirah”. The album was due to be released last year, but has been delayed due to circumstantial reasons.


We contacted Charbel Kareh (the band’s guitarist) to ask him about the song’s lyrical themes. What he had to say was quite interesting.

The Gates Of Peirah is actually a concept album which revolves around a unified story depicting a tale of a king who got betrayed by his wife and his own people”.

~ Charbel Kareh


The Last Fall | Lyrics:

The Last Fall,

I Embrace it With Arms Wide Open,

I Failed and I Shall Perish Skin Alive,

Destined to Crawl, Weak and Dying,

Never Reaching the Surface Again,

I’m Reduced to Ashes Filled With the Fire of Hatred,

The Last Fall,

The Day I Remember Once Again,

And I’m Still Burning on a Bed Where I’ll Never Wake.

Lilas Mayassi

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