Hatecrowned released their first full-length studio album titled “Newborn Serpent”.

Hatecrowned is a Black Metal band hailing from Tripoli, Lebanon, formed in 2011 By Ayman and Dahaaka. Since their formation, Hatecrowned have appeared on a couple of compilation albums such as “al-Mawtin al-Aswad” and “Gathering of Shadows Volume 1”. Moreover, Hatecrowned have released an Ep titled “Warpact in Black” in 2013.

“Newborn Serpent” is a 10-track album with its main genre being black metal with a “touch of death and doom metal”, as Ayman describes it in a small chat. We also learned that there are no plans for an album release gig (SO FAR).

Album track listing:

  1. Ominous Birth of Serpent
  2. For Scum Thou Art, And Unto Scum Shalt Thou Return
  3. Infest and Conquer
  4. Coronation of the Eternal and Pure
  5. Void [Instrumental]
  6. Redefining Purgatory
  7. Newborn Serpent
  8. Cave of Salvation
  9. Funeral Reverie
  10. Wolves

Newborn Serpent

Ayman comments further on the album as follows:

“Lyrically, we chose to bring our cult and beliefs into our musical creation, thus, Chaos-Gnosticism, Anti-Cosmic Luciferianism, Misanthropy, and Qayinism are the axis of everything we write and compose and tend to work with.

The album title was chosen as Newborn Serpent for several reasons. First of all, The Serpent is the symbol of the enemy of all, the antithesis, the adversary and the destroyer. It is not only the animal/beast we are pointing at here, but the spiritual/philosophical manifestation of it.

Besides that, if we want to take it to the earthly scale, the Serpent/Snake is a beast feared by all, even its own kind.

Another meaning lays beneath the title of our album, it is our spiritual awakening, our reborn, and remodeling of our spirit into the shapeless forms of the other side.”

The album is to be released under the labels Satanath Records and Darzamadicus Records, and you can get it in Lebanon by contacting the band!

Check out some tracks from the album below.

– Bashar Hassanieh

Read more by:  Bashar Hassanieh
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