After Sepultura’s event being canceled in Egypt, there were different speculations and stories all trying to discuss what really happened on that day, whether be it the reasons for canceling the event, or the detainment of the organizer, Nader Sadek.

On the 4th of May, 2016, Sepultura were set to play at the Nile Country Club along with musician Nader Sadek and 2 Egyptian bands, Gorynov and Perpetual Ferocity. However, the event was stopped by the police and the organizer (Nader), along with the sound and lighting engineers, was detained, and no statements were issued by the organizer.

We at Metal-Bell went in-depth on the issue and reported one side of the story in a previously published article where we interviewed one band member that was supposed to play that night and some aspects of the concert were discussed.

And amid this confusion concerning the permits and arrest of Nader Sadek (along with the sound engineer and lighting engineer), a statement was issued through Nader Sadek’s personal Facebook page stating the following.


  • for not having proper permits: INNOCENT, as decreed by the pre-trial Hearing
  • HOME LAND SECURITY case for Satanism and blasphemy : INNOCENT

That’s 3x innocent, not charged with a single crime, still me and the audio engineer and the sound engineer, spent 3 nights in jail (me alone a total of 4.5 nights). The police in the station made me take my shoes off, and they burned a hole in my foot with their cigarette. Then they threw me in a room full of thugs and drug dealers, and Yelled ” There he is boys, a F*$@#@ DEVIL WORSHIPER, have your way with him”. What they didn’t know, is that within 1 hour, all those thugs became my friends, they were so kind and realized quickly what full of s**t the government is, I performed my songs, without music FULL ON DEATH METAL A cappella and I won the crowd against all odds  turned the room into supporters of mine, and now I have even more friends, I helped them and made them realize why they are great, why they themselves are powerful, and not what this sick society full of backward monkeys has made them to be, I ate absolutely nothing for 3 days, out-fasting them all pre-ramadan, just drank water- mostly I simply didn’t feel like it, and this actually turned on the creative juices, I wrote 2 songs in my head, finished a script for a music video I plan to shoot that I’ve been slacking on. Call it an Agenda if you want, and I won’t leave till it is completed. So, me? I’m fine, and not bunch of prison bars and a cigarette can hurt me. What did hurt though, Is seeing Sepultura have a great time, being together and getting ected together about a great future we can make, then watch a bunch it get called off. ANYWAY, here’s a glimpse of the mighty INQUISITION Official playing in Cairo, anyone who attended this show will tell you this: BEST SHOW TO HAVE EVER GRACED THE S**T RIDDEN STREETS OF EGYPT, don’t believe the loser form the musicians syndicates lies, more about that backward loser later as well…and the psycho metal loser who sickd him on me…

That being said, and based on our previous reports, what do you think went wrong on that day? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section down below.