Mood Yassin, co-founder and keyboardist of Turbulence, has recently been endorsed by CME Pro and received a brand new Xkey 25 as part of the deal!

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater keyboardist) is also endorsed by CME Pro.

When talking about his new instrument, Mood has this to say:MoodYassin Xkey 25

“Simply you can take this instrument wherever you go and plug to devices that receive Midi signals. To me it is so useful in controlling all the workstations and synthesizers I have in the studio or on stage.

CME Pro is a new company rising with the Xkey product, and as long as they produce such brilliant instruments I’ll be the first one to go for it.”

That is great news to hear! Good luck to Mood Yassin and congratulations on the endorsement, we will see you at Summer Fusion!

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