Metal East Fest, Dubai Headlined by VADER was CANCELED

We have no words to describe what happened. For some reason, the UAE authorities, and just one day before the event, didn’t approve the permission application for the concert.
Here is the official statement that was posted by JoScene.


Also, JoScene explained further:

We tried our best to find something else , they didn’t tell us why they rejected it and we still have no idea!!

The government didn’t explain the reasons behind the rejection

The bands are already here in Dubai and we are very disappointed for this after we were looking for it !

We are sorry again.

All the support from Metal Bell Magazine to JoScene. We are looking forward to your next events \\m//


  1. Nancy

    oh that’s really sad :/

  2. MetalBellMagazine

    This is really Sad we hope JoScene all the best and looking forward for many events to come \\m//

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