Lebanese metallers Memories and Madness have just released a new single, Fight For Salvation. 

Memories and Madness was formed by Wissam Abboud, the founder of Freakshow Webzine.

The lineup:

Memories & Madness

Gerard Gulgulian – Vocals | Wissam Abboud & Roy Abboud – Guitars | Charbel Ghanem – Bass | Patrick Estephan – Drums.

The single sounds like a demo, one that hasn’t been mixed and mastered properly. The audio levels fluctuate regularly, which produces a very unpleasant effect on the listener. I listened to the song on Harman Kardon speakers, and on mid-level headphones and I noticed the same effect, so the issue is not from my end.  Also, it is heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, yet fails to capture any of Maiden’s magic.

This is a band that has potential, and I’d like to see it realized, but one thing is clear, this is not it.
All the support from myself and Metal Bell team. We will be waiting patiently for your next releases.

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Memories & Madness band

– Antoine Kanaan.

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