I make no secret of it. Dirty Enzyme were one of my favorite bands in the local scene, their music and ambience captivated me every time I saw them play, the 8-minute original Funkadelic being a personal favorite of mine (that song is trippy). Dirty Enzyme is, sadly, no more, and Madinat has taken its place.

Madinat_MembersMadinat is still Dirty Enzyme at the core. It’s still Joseph Abboud on guitars and vocals, Anthony Atwe on bass, Philippe Dib on drums, and Ayman Zebdawi on keyboards. They’re still a rock band, but that’s about as far as we know.


We have no idea how they sound like now, if indeed their sound was even affected by the name change. However, we do know two very important pieces of information; they’ve entered the studio to record, and they sound awesome!


We can’t wait for their show this Tuesday with Tanjaret Daghet at Metro Al- Madina!

Madinat Tanjaret Daghet

– Antoine Kanaan.

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