Local Bands Walk Out From Show

It’s a common thing for the sound check to be delayed few hours… but 6 hours and you still have no decent sound? What about monitors? Amplifiers? MICROPHONE STANDS?!

the flyer for the event

Let’s rewind a bit, and go back to the start, where the bands were supposed to do the sound checks starting at around 4. But you know how these things go, there was a delay, as usual, and they waited for another hour. The 5 bands: Eden, Cover Blown, Violent Peace, Decibel Hunter, and Homesick waited anxiously to start their sound check.

We thought we were waiting for monitors, amplifiers, and a decent sound system, as we couldn’t see any of those being set up during that time.

6:30, still no sound, and people started arriving, as the bands were supposed to start at that time. Tension started to build up between the bands.

It was 8, and things were still the same, until a band (Violent Peace) got a small amplifier and microphone stands, then another band got another small amplifier, but will that be heard over the crowd?

By 8:30, Eden were fed up, they gathered their equipment, and went out, gathering all 5 bands around declaring that they will not be playing the event. The other bands agreed with no hesitation. Eventually, Hanna, Cover Blown’s drummer, started packing his drum set.


An organizer tried to compensate, asking the band to play and they will offer food, drinks, and a lounge, for the sake of their reputation.

What about the band? Bands do have reputations you know.

Not being able to play was because the organizers didn’t give enough importance to the bands. This is because they knew that most people came for the DJs; bands should be more appreciated in Lebanon – Joey Semaan, Violent Peace

What about the music? Don’t they deserve to be heard, even if not loud enough, but decently? Is a lounge and some food what a band is worth in this god forsaken country? Is this how talented people who spend numerous hours preparing for an event deserve to be treated?

Show some respect man, have your equipment ready for the events, and stop treating bands like they are nothing. An organizer said that he had no idea we were going to use amplifiers and mic stands… Was he for real? He even got some girls to try talking us back in.

The 5 bands are planning for a show soon. Stay tuned for more details.


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  1. Elie Lebbos

    Don’t be demotivated. You bands did the right thing most definitely. It’s ridiculous how talented musicians are treated like a bunch of kids wanting to be Hanna Montana in this silly culture.
    Invite as much people on a fb event when you organise the event and link this article to it! Let people who appreciate rock and metal show it!

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