11 Lebanese Musicians joined forces to work together on one project. They will be covering one of the most well-known metal icons. Can you guess who? It’s Ronnie James Dio.

One week is left for the memory of Ronnie, and Lebanon wanted to be part of this year’s memory, thus a cover of Dio’s song “Heaven and Hell” has been recorded to pay tribute to the legendary vocalist who died on 16 May 2010. This song will be sent to Dio’s Official page as our official tribute from Lebanon, so we can once again put our print on the international metal scene.

What’s interesting about the people working on the project is the background of each musician. Not everyone comes from a classic metal background. In fact, some even come from an extreme metal one. This is to let everyone share their tribute as it comes from musicians from different styles who love Dio. This means that the song might have a very different sound, a unique one.

The following is the list of people working on the song:

  • Bassem Deaibess and Rabih Deaibess from Blaakyum
  • Omar El Hage, Alain Ibrahim and Mood Yassin from Turbulence
  • Nathalie Jeha and Roland Azar from BandAge
  • Yehya Hijazi  from IV Dimensions
  • Walid Choughari from Kaoteon
  • Nigol Ozz from Rebellion
  • Dany Deaibess as a solo artist

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered at Viron Studios by Producer Bassem Daouk
Arrangement by Rabih Deaibess & Bassem Daouk
Initiative by Dany & Rabih Deaibess

The Song will be displayed during Sunday’s Dio tribute event at The Quadrangle. Read event details >here<
And it will be released online soon after.