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LebaneseBands‘ purpose is to create a unified music community by connecting all musicians together as well as music fans. This music hub will turn into the first true & expansive database of Lebanese talent.

The platform will allow the user to find others of similar music taste, as well as finding band members through a smart search system. Also, it will have a section dedicated to posting and finding musical equipment, as well as a resources section to find places to jam, record, and even play live.

LebaneseBands is a subset of a much bigger project ; an all-around musician’s social hub. It helps you find musicians, trade musical instruments, and network with other musicians. Who knows, maybe eventually you’ll meet up with them and jam? Maybe form the next big band even. Nothing is improbable.LebaneseBands tyounin

Of course, it will also be a platform where promoters and bands alike can use it to reach out to their audience. Bands and event organizers will be able to connect in a way like no other to find gigs.

Take 5 minutes and ensure your band name lives on, and that you are connected to the community. It’s a fairly easy form to fill.

This project is supported by RockRing, which recently made a very big comeback to the local scene after a 3 and a half year hiatus. This comeback was Summer Fusion 2015, which was a full blown beach party featuring some of Lebanon’s top bands.

– Antoine Kanaan.

Read more by:  Antoine Kanaan.
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