OrdumOrdum, the band, is not a stranger at Metal Bell magazine. We already had a review of their latest EP “The Circle” which you can check issue three “here”. However, for those not familiar with the band, Ordum is an extreme metal band from Lebanon. Their purpose was to deliver extreme music with a different edge and vision, without the “black metal” element attached. The remaining current members are Kaoteon’s vocalist Walid Wolflust and Anuryzm’s guitarist John Bakhos. For the past two years, we haven’t heard from the guys. The latest news was in 2012 when they announced they were starting something as a follow-up to “The Circle” EP. However, things didn’t go as planned. Now, we got a new message: the band is alive again. John and Walid met up last week in The Netherlands and discussed the ideas for the upcoming album. Hoping to see something new from the band in the near future.


You can listen to ” The False Conflict” & “Societal Destrukt” from the 7 tracked EP here:


For those who would like to obtain “The Circle” EP, you can contact the band on their Facebook page.