Who Killed Bruce Lee stream their second studio album titled “ Distant Rendezvous ”.

Even though the band had the album available through iTunes, Amazon, and JPC, yet they choose to make the album available for free live streaming via YouTube. The band’s sudden announcement came through their official Facebook Page:

We have been struggling with the rules and regulations of the International Music Business that we are now part of. Being new to it and all, all advisors were telling us that you shouldn’t give out your music for free. You should make your music inaccessible, so that if people want to listen to your music, they have to buy it, and thus you earn back all the money you’ve spent producing it. So many contracts that you get lost in translation at the end.
We kept our gut-feel on this and fought it since day one of launching our album a few weeks back. And finally we were able to put our music out there, for FREE for everyone to listen and take in, against all their wishes. That’s what we want. And it shouldn’t be any other way. Who cares about the music industry, or their rules, or regulations. This is one time in our lives that we thank god we are Lebanese, and that we don’t function so well with rules. If music is who we are, then FREE & Accessible it should remain.

Here it is, our album on Youtube for FREE. for your listening pleasure.

You can check out the album down below:

Who Killed Bruce Lee are a self-produced Dance/Electro Rock band from Lebanon formed in 2010 and they are currently on a European Tour.

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