The world has lost another great bassist. John Magno, the 26-year-old bassist of the all Filipino band Up the Ante, has passed away in a long boarding accident.As the Up The Ante bassist skated down the hills of Mushrif park, in the UAE, the 26-year-old graphic designer is said to have ‘miscalculated’ his turn, resulting in a collision with a lamp post, and unfortunately claiming his life. John ‘Joms’ Magno, in the process of finalizing Up The Ante’s new album along with the rest of the band, faced what some people may call fate, or what others call luck, leaving the band to start off a new year in a state of grieving.

Up The Ante’s music would never be the same without you. To our Fallen Brother, May you Rest in Peace John “Joms” Magno (February 26, 1989 – December 20, 2015). Keep the Music Playing until we Jam again.

Posted by Up The Ante on Sunday, 20 December 2015

Although Magno took all the safety precautions prior to bombing the hill, the accident brought impact the helmet could not withstand, where the rest of his body which could not have been protected, was left vulnerable to injury. The young musician is no longer there to make the boys laugh anymore, or comfort them when they’re in need, but the memories of him will live on forever.

Rest In Peace, John Magno.

– Dany Ayyash.

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