Jay Wud starts giving back to the fans in return for their help in crowdfunding their new upcoming album.

As time starts coming close to the end of the campaign (less than a month left), 60% of the mission has been accomplished, however, the band still needs your help to finish this and raise the required amount of money to drop their new album. (click here to learn more)

In return, the band wants to show fans how much their help is appreciated. The band will be playing a FREE ACOUSTIC SET on the 26th of December at Radio Beirut. The band will be playing a variety of songs.

We’ll be playing some of our new material, a few of your old favorites, as well as a selection of covers. We also have DJ ESC spinning obscure rock gems on old vinyl, dug out from the darkest depths of NYC, Barcelona, and Berlin.

Speaking of covers, the band released the first of 5 cover songs that fans claimed as perks of being part of the crowdfunding campaign. Check it out below and let us know what you think of this cover.

We will keep you updated about the other four covers when they are released, and other details on the crowdfunding.

Stay tuned.

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