Following the death of the iconic David Bowie, several tributes have been released to honor the death of a person who influenced a generation of musicians who left their mark on the world. And a Jay Wud cover was expected, especially that Jay has always expressed his love to David Bowie and even shared the latest song that was released 4 days before his death, calling him a “Legend”. Read below our article about Jay’s cover and enjoy it \\m//

Perhaps the most mesmerizing of those covers was Jay Wud’s “I’m Deranged”. The original track was enough to throw anyone into a trance with the super chill synthetics and keyboard work.
Jay approaches the song in a different way. The piano parts are replaced with guitars throughout the song yet keeping the song’s original vibe as Jay sings steadily through the verses and transitions into a more “deranged” aggressive singing.

Going through some covers I had done a long time ago but never shared. This track in particular is something that turned me onto David Bowie’s music and had an important influence on me as a songwriter.

-Jay Wud

Check out the cover and let us know what you think.

Jay Wud have recently finished their crowdfunding to raise funds for recording their new album with Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson. The campaign was successful and the band raised the required amount of money for the recording.

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