The U.A.E.-based Rock band Jay Wud released their latest single titled “Low” accompanied with an animated music video. The video starts in what seems to be a diseased place with gargoyles hanging from buildings while the main riff is playing, followed by the drums and bass. That riff is enough to jump start you no matter how you feel; it is sheer power, wicked, adrenaline pumping, energizing! Then, we see the band members’ avatar hanging around the deserted city.

“I FEEL LIKE I’M GOING INSAAAAAANNNEEEEE” followed by shadows overwhelming the city, and that’s when the band senses danger, and eventually the shadows start chasing the band into what seems to be an amphitheater. THE BAND GETS SURROUNDED! Jay pulls out a skull that emits some ray and the shadows are gone. The shadows retreat into some place while the band is pictured sitting triumphant in a chamber with the skull hanging around, and all of a sudden, the shadows break into the chamber, snatch the skull, and they are gone. That’s when the band gets really really really raged, so much rage, they gave in….they change into monsters, and pursue the shadows to regain the skull. That’s when you hear a short solo (I meh-ed on the solo). The band fights the shadows while you hear Jay repeating “Go, go before I lose control, Go, go before I lose it all, I’ll lose it all”. Jay acquires the skull, the ray is emitted, and the shadows are gone. The video ends with a rapid ascension from the city out of Jay’s pickup while the band is playing on stage.

Now, I saw the video to depict someone’s state of mind, depressed, gloomy, desperate, with the shadows being rage and anger, or other uncomfortable feelings, while the skull and the ray it emitted were the escape from all cruelty that the person was living, the most prized possession one has.