Jay Wud are crowdfunding their third studio album, and planning to take it to the next level on this record!

The band is flying all the way to Los Angeles to record with Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson. The band has previously recorded four tracks with Benson including the single Low.

But why fly all the way to L.A. to record an album when the band could put out a third self-produced album? Well, Jay Wud wants to have “same edge, massive sound and production value as “Low”.

In a recent interview with TripleW, Jay comments on the production process with Benson:

I wanted to challenge myself… The nice thing with Howard was, he listened to all of the tracks and was, like, ‘OK. What do you really want?’ He wanted to figure out my vision and my ideas […] But he wanted to work more on my songwriting. So he helped me a lot with the topics I picked and the lyrics I wrote for the new stuff. He pushed me to write more and experiment more. So the tracks that are on the album are picked by Howard – he thinks that’s the strongest stuff

And with vocals, Howard’s a genius. “The way he’d guide me through the different parts, and harmonies and stuff? That pushed me to another level – I never knew I could do that, or hit those notes. It was great to have someone do that.

So other than the superb production and sound you get from the new album and having the chance to play an important role in helping propel the band to the next stage of their career, what else do you get if you help in the funding process? YOU CAN GET THE BAND TO PLAY A PRIVATE SET ESPECIALLY FOR YOU AT YOUR HOUSE! (if you are willing to donate 3000$). Other perks include a jam with Jay himself, a signed copy of the album/digipack before the release date, a cover song of your choice, exclusive items from brands such as Orange Amplifiers, EMG pickups, Wild Customs Guitars, a custom-built guitar, and many many more (depending on how much you feel like giving).

Moreover, the band is playing a couple of concerts to help raise money for the album; one in Du Arena, Abu Dhabi as an opening act for Motley Crue, and the latest being at Metro al-Madina on December 5th, to which Jay Wud has made a special offer limited to 50 people only. The offer is part of the crowdfunding campaign, where you donate 25$ to the band and in return you get the album 2 weeks before its release plus a free concert ticket and some treats!

Check out the crowdfunding page to donate and find out more about the perks you can get in exchange for your donations over here.