Jad Shokor, who is known by his guitar covers such as the 21 A7X riffs video , weeks ago, took on Trivium with 21 of their famous riffs.The video features songs like: Down From The Sky, Into The Mouth Of Hell We March (Shogun · 2008), Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr, Like Light To The  Flies (Ascendancy · 2005), The Deceived (Ember To Inferno · 2003), Entrance Of The Conflagration (The Crusade · 2006), Of Prometheus And The Crucifix (Shogun · 2008), In Waves (In Waves · 2011) and more!

Each of the covers lasts 30 to 45 secs for a total of 11:35 mins, and I gotta say the video quality is by far way better than previous ones with clear visuals, audio, and a cool touch at the end where you see Trivium playing in the background along with Jad.

Overall, the video was pretty good and personally I enjoyed watching it till the end.

Support Jad and make sure you check out his video:

Lilas Mayassi

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