One year after the formation of IV Dimensions in 2015 by Marcelino Said (guitar) and Patrick Stephan (drums), the band enters the studio to record its debut album.

Since its formation, the band featured other members as Chady Khairallah on keyboards, Cynthia Maalouf on bass, and Yehia Hijazi on vocals and guitars. The band played a number of concerts with that lineup and released a music video for their first single “Face My Fear Alone”.

However, this lineup is up for a change as work starts on the album.

In a private chat with Marcelino, we learned a lot of things about the album, like the band parting ways with Yehia due to Yehia pursuing his own musical project. We also learned that a new single will be released sometime around March introducing the new lineup.

As for the recording of the album, we learned it is being produced by Bassem Daouk and that the band is done recording the drums, the guitar and bass will be recorded afterwards, and later the keyboard and effects, according to Marcelino.

When asked about the style of the music in the album, Marcelino comments “I can’t define exactly but it’s Metal for sure… Face My Fear Alone was a mix and we are working in this direction, the objective is composing good music that we can share with everyone and every style.”

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