When it comes to the brutal side of the Lebanese metal scene, InnerGuilt have definitely reserved their spot there. Known before as Tristmoon, and after a shift in style with a slight lineup modification, they changed their name to InnerGuilt, the band that achieved a quite solid reputation in the Death Metal realm among their fans. However, even though it’s been 3 years since the release of their debut album “Slanderous Society”, one thing we know about the band is that they rarely perform. Summer 2013 was the last time we saw them hitting the stage, with the departure of their drummer, and they have been looking to complete their lineup since then. Metal-Bell brings you the good news: the hiatus is over.

“Indeed it’s a comeback for us because we didn’t have full line up for a long time. But we we’re busy writing music and looking for members, specifically a drummer”,says the band. Apparently, after some auditions, the band was recently jamming with a “fellow band’s drummer” in preparation to get on stage again.

Innerguilt ppWhile that sounds interesting, the best is yet to come; InnerGuilt is currently working with producer “Bassem Daouk” at “Viron Studios” to release a new single, “Through Narrow Corridors”. Tracking stages are done with engineering in process, and with a possibility of having a small clip for it!
So, are you excited about InnerGuilt’s comeback as we are?

Enjoy InnerGuilt’s Slanderous Society