Ink26, the young band that’s not really so young. One thing’s for sure though, they work hard!

The band (composed of Blood Ink and Element 26 members) formed last August and played their first show at RockRing’s Summer Fusion 2015. Since then, they have performed at Break the Cycle and Concrete Metal. Even though the band has almost three albums worth of originals from the previous bands, they weren’t satisfied, and work on a new original started soon after.

The song was first performed at Concrete Metal, but Ink26 have been working hard in the past few weeks to record it. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof.

As you could tell by now, work has been going smoothly indeed. Expect the single by this Wednesday, the 30th of March.

Stay tuned to Metal Bell for more on the single.

– Antoine Kanaan.

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