Let it be known, I’m personally not such a big fan of the really heavy metal. Shocker, I know, but what’s even more shocking is that I fell in love with Ink26’s new song.  Be warned, this will be a blast.This song just explodes. The main riff is heavy and powerful, and the song just seems to flow. Now, as someone who detests growling, I was initially put off by the intro, and I thought, “Why not scream?” and then he began screaming. After that, Kamal sang clean vocals. It’s this variety that helped me like the song, the growling was definitely tasteful, and he knew when to switch between vocal styles.

The musicians definitely outdid themselves with this one. The guitars are super, the drums are heavy and carry the beat forward (the accents on the bell of the ride definitely gave the sound a great aesthetic), and the bass lines are slick.

One thing to note is the top notch production. I enjoyed just listening to it. The sound quality blew my mind away, Roy Naufal really put his back into recording, mixing, and mastering.

Speaking of the production behind the song, we decided to ask Ink26 some questions regarding the song, how it was produced, and future plans.

  • Tell us about the song please.
    The song started as a jam between Roy & Joe which quickly developed and matured when everyone put in their ideas and special touch. The song basically is about good vs bad, where a person struggles within himself to seek the good out of all the bad happening in our world today – that’s where the song title comes from, as a reference to deep thinking.
  • What are Ink26’s plans for the album and any recorded material?
    We recorded this demo to get everyone acquainted with the band and our sound.
    We already have 4 new originals composed in the last 2 months that are almost ready; some more technical & some more melodic.
    Our target is to finish everything and launch the album by end of this year, but with everyone’s work and such, sometimes time might not be on our side, but we’ll be trying our best !
  • Tell us more about the recording process. Where did you record, and what went down? Did you record using live drums? Did you face any challenges?
    Recording was done at our bassist’s studio (Roy Naufal).
    We first recorded the guitars using a half stack amp with 2 mics (close mic & room mic) to give a fuller sound. We tried to minimize the post-recording editing so getting the sound right is the hardest (we’re still aiming for a more powerful and better guitar sound in the album).
    We write all our music, so it was easy to setup the tempo track in the software (as the song changes tempo some places).
    After guitars, we recorded drums using a full mic set and additional miking for the bass drum to give it a more powerful feel.

    Next in line was vocals, where we did the main lines first, then added the backing vocals – specially for the chorus where there’s 3 people singing along with few extra tracks to give that choir effect.
    Finally, the bass was recorded. The bass sound was miked through 3 sources, the low end , mid, and high end all separate to give a fat bass sound that’s not over dominant.

  • Any Upcoming Shows?
    We don’t have any confirmed events in the coming couple of months yet, specially because of Roy’s arm injury. But hoping to go on stage very soon and unveil some more new material!

Well thank you Ink26, both for the lovely song and the interview!

– Antoine Kanaan.

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