Homesick released the single “Euphoria” from their upcoming debut album. The song directly kicks in (just like this intro :p)  with a classical rock sounding riff straight into a short solo just before the first verse, then plays the chorus, a very catchy one, one that I found myself humming to on the second listen. The chorus is repeated several times throughout the song, followed by intermittent guitar solos backed by some pretty neat bass grooves. Lyrically, it’s full of figures of speech, which leaves room for countless interpretations of the song, comments Alex Saad, guitarist of Homesick. For example, it could talk about a hazy experience; it could talk about happiness, or rebuilding one’s life. Eventually, we named it “Euphoria” for a reason, it’s a general description, which when  listened to carefully helps the listeners interpret their own ideas of Euphoria. Check out Euphoria below.

The video is live footage from Mozart Chahine‘s Fully Rigged 2015 concert, and recorded by RockRing.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Roy Naufal from RockRing. He basically nurtured the band into moving from a fun environment, to a serious hard working one by believing in us and inducting us into Summer Fusion 2015, and who we later on recorded “Euphoria” with. He also took it even a step further by getting some friends as a camera crew with professional equipment to record us play live at Mozart Chahine’s RP JAM, and later on edited the tapes to make this a professionally recorded live footage. “Euphoria” wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Shant Bajac’s (from Mozart Chahine) help and “breeding” of the band in the early days of our launch in which he guided us and gave us the essential keys for being a productive band.

Homesick is a Lebanese rock band located in Beirut. You can read more about the band here, and in case you liked them, make sure not to miss them at Summer Fusion on the 28th of August.

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