ROSWELL, the Lebanese Alternative/Rock band, will be releasing their third studio album “Unraveling New Beginnings” this Saturday at Quadrangle Live – Hazmiyeh. Check out the event details here.

Meanwhile, enjoy their first single from the album: “A Lost King In A Haven”.

A little bit about the song:
The song starts with an awesome voice-over telling the story of a King, and then the violin gets us right into the mood. And this is all what I am going to say about it 😉 Listen and enjoy (Lyrics available below the video).

“A Lost King In A Haven” from Roswell’s new album entitled “Unraveling New Beginnings”.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Mostafa Abdul Reda
Animation by: Mohammad Krayem


Weeping down, all over his face
As he holds his crown, he tightly embrace
The pain he had, was far too real
He’s a lost king in a haven of pain

As he calls, for her, from far away
she’s all he wants
what every king wants
He’s a lost king in a haven of pain

Looking down, not knowing where he is
she gazed upon lights, to see that face of his
She’s waiting for a sign, to bring him back
She’s a lost queen in a haven of pain

Two worlds are meant to be one, they’re meant to be one, one last time
She is all he ever wanted, all he ever needed, all between the skies.