Lebanese Progressive Thrash Metal band Eden started recording the first single to be released from their upcoming EP.

Eden has recently started recording its first EP titled “Sworn Obedience”. The first single to be recorded is “The Fall”.

By tracking Eden’s Facebook page, we noticed that work is going at a fast pace, too fast that the band is almost done with recording. The band has shared some pictures from the studio and a couple of teasers to keep us looking forward to the release.

Here is a sample of what went down during the recording session:

Moreover, the band has revealed the EP’s cover art which is designed by Mushroom Illustration & Design Studio.




Speaking of Sworn Obedience, Eden’s vocalist, Charbel Haddad, shared some information about the EP.

We learned that Eden will be releasing a five-track EP but for now “we’re gonna release ‘The Fall’ as a single to see how people react to it and hopefully in a month continue the rest of the songs… hopefully in a couple of weeks or so. The Fall will be released completely after we finalize the drums, vocals, and the ending solo of Obsidian Rain”.

The band describes the EP as a concept about nuclear power and the downfall of Man because of that power. The tracklisting of the EP is as follows:

  • The Fall
  • Reaktor Four
  • Obsidian Rain (instrumental) (name may be changed)
  • Black Rider
  • Sworn Obedience

In case you can’t wait for the release of the track, you can check out some live footage of “The Fall” shot during the band’s performance at Metal Bell’s Thrash Alliance vol. 1.

Stay tuned for updates.


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