As the whole world celebrated the 5th year remembrance of the late Metal God Ronnie James Dio, a group of Lebanese Rock & Metal Musicians gathered last May and recorded a very special tribute cover, one of the best that we heard so far, for Black Sabbath’s classical “Heaven And Hell”. We previously reported the story >here<

The song was first played in public by projecting the video during Lebanon’s DIO tribute event, the event that took place at The Quadrangle Live – Hazmiyeh on Sunday May 17th. And truth be told, this event brought back the old times. It was a full house, but the distinctive thing was the remarkable presence of the older Metal generation that we haven’t seen in an event for a while, alongside the new generation of metal heads; the mixture was amazing. The show started later than announced, but it was worth the wait. Five Lebanese bands put up a great show, noting the special appearance of Haitham Al-Khatib, and the participation of a NEW BLOODed band, Chained Reaction, giving the event a better taste. The event also featured a great performance by Lebanon’s rock band Bandage, whose vocalist Nathalie Jeha also participated in Heaven and Hell tribute cover,  and the all-star band, The MOB, fronted by Metamorphism’s vocalist Raffi Macholian. For the cherry on top: Lebanon’s own DIO, Bassem Deaibess, fronting his band Blaakyum (as called by LebMetal when they announced Dio’s tribute that was organized 5 years ago >here<).

Below you can find a gallery of photos from the event followed by the online premiere of the video exclusively on METAL BELL.