DEATHLAM is a 3-piece Armenian Black Metal band from Lebanon, with Sam Kasparian taking charge of the vocals and bass, Yeghig Aroyan on guitars, and Sako Kasparian on drums. The band usually targets religions and certain philosophical, sociological, and political ideologies.

From Lebanon straight to homeland Armenia! Lebanese Black Metallers of Armenian origins DEATHLAM flew all the way to Armenia to take part in Metal Attack 2016 on March 5th to perform their first abroad show alongside: Tacit Fury (Death metal – Russia), Dismorial (Death metal – Georgia), Signs (Black metal – Georgia), Araspel (Pagan/folk metal – Armenia), Vril Ya (Death/thrash metal – Georgia), Perfect Legacy (Ethnic/groove metal – Armenia), Աշխարհակալ (Black’n’roll – Armenia), Blood Covenant (Symphonic black metal – Armenia), Illuminated (Blackened doom metal – Georgia).

The next day, upon the request of the organizers, they took a long trip to Georgia as well to participate in Georgian Metal Fest 2016 .

we took a 7 hour bus trip with our equipment to Tbilisi Georgia with no clue that they would let us in at the border cause we had no visas, it was a surely a risky trip, but luckily after half an hour of interrogation we got the visas so we headed directly to the night office venue for the soundcheck.” – Deathlam

The journey didn’t end there. As the band returned to Yerevan, they were also invited to perform alongside ARASPEL, an Armenian folk band, on March 8 at The Venue Pub.

Of course playing in Yerevan was a huge honour being an all Armenian band, and drinking with fellow Armenian metalheads. Georgia was fucking brutal.” – Deathlam


  • Demonicorpus
  • Let Kill Let Die
  • Maggot Remains
  • Reign of Terror
  • Legions
  • The Last March

DEATHLAM have recently released their EP, “Demonicorpus”, from which they performed the single “Maggot Remains” during “Metal Attack” concert in Armenia. The track has been released as a demo through a video on the band’s official Facebook page. You can listen to the song in the video below:


Maggot Remains (Demo) First Deathlam song (demo) will be played in “Metal Attack” concert – Armenia

Posted by Deathlam on Monday, February 29, 2016

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DEATHLAM | Live in Motherland Armenia