Damage Rite is a Thrash/Death metal band founded by guitarist/Vocalist JM Elias, in the summer of 2003 under the name of “Post Mortem”. A name that the band chose to portray a generation that came after the war, but they soon needed to changed it to Damage Rite after they found out that there are a lot of Metal bands using the same name (to know why they chose Damage right check out the video here).

After a long while the band finally releases a new album entitled “The Dehumanizing Factor”.
Blending elements of metal music with outspoken view against modern establishments, Conceived in Lebanon, a full length album that sonically emulates the emotional journey of war, betrayal and deception”.

Damage Rite – The Dehumanizing Factor

Damage RiteProduced by JM & Rayan
Mixed and Mastered by Rayan at CTG Productions

Track list:

1- Dehumanize
2- Whispers of Ages
3- Cities of Blood
4- Homicidal Death Machine
5- Oppression
6- The Dehumanizing Factor
7- Set Apart
8- Chaos of Souls
9- Thy Will Be Done

Get the “The Dehumanizing Factor” here: https://damagerite.bandcamp.com/releases

A review of the album will be out soon so stay tuned…

Also Do not miss out the chance to watch Damage Rite performing live on the 10th of June, sharing the stage with British the Thrashers Onslaught who are joining forces with Blaakyum again after their 2016 Mercenary tour along with the ladies from Slave To Sirens. This is a 100% pure Thrash Event! for more info on : https://www.facebook.com/SkullSessionFest/

-Lilas Mayassi

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