The Lebanese rock band Chained Reaction has released a new song about the current situation in Lebanon, Tol3et Rihitkoum. It is very satirical, imaginative, and funny to say the least.

The band used the music from Twisted Sister‘s We’re Not Gonna Take It . The video was also shared by the official You Stink Facebook page

Lebanese politics is rank with corruption, and the people have finally begun protesting to reclaim our basic human rights after a long time without them. Some of the protesters are committing acts of vandalism, and protesting in manners deemed uncivilized by modern day society. On the other hand, there are certain Lebanese citizens with exceptional music talents such as Chained Reaction who are conveying their opinions of the current status quo through peaceful non-destructive music. Let us help with the peaceful protests to try to change our current state of corruption and change this country with music. Let’s not just rise with the scene, let’s rise with the change.

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