Breaking Bad Meets Meditation! | Crystal
Hadi Sarieddine, the talented guitarist, vocalist, and founder of Benevolent, just released a new track inspired by Breaking Bad! Titled “Crystal”, the improvised, ambient piece is also fit for some transcendental meditation, very soothing.

The story goes like this,

My brother Dani Sarieddine gave me a sketch he drew of Bryan Cranston as Walter White from Breaking Bad. To thank him, I put this little Ambient improv piece titled ‘CRYSTAL’ together.

Check out the drawing to my left in the video.

Everythinged at Haven Studio.



What a cool story! I’d just like to thank Mr. Dani Sarieddine for being thoughtful and giving his brother that sketch, because otherwise we would not have this amazing piece to enjoy.

You can watch “Crystal” below!

– Antoine Kanaan.

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Breaking Bad Meets Meditation! | Crystal