BLAAKYUM fans have been waiting so long for this moment, and the excitement increased after the band announced their participation in TUSKA and recently their European THRASH MERCENARIES Tour 2016 with Onslaught as well as the extensive work on their long overdue upcoming album.

After years of only listening to the new material through live performances, today BLAAKYUM announced the release of the “never-before-heard” new single “Riot Against Riot” that has never been performed live either, and without doubt it is set to “rattle the foundations of the Earth”.

So who’s ready to Riot? This is BLAAKYUM louder than ever, this is the time of war.
Listen to Blaakyum’s Riot Against Riot exclusively on Metal Bell Magazine through the below Reverbnation widget:

We asked BLAAKYUM’s frontman Bassem Deaibess about what this single refers to and talks about; he explained:
“This song came about as an expression of our frustration, some of us were active in the civil movement’s protests, the lyrics of the song are self explanatory: We are angry. It has always been the strategy of tyrant regimes like the one we have in Lebanon, to pitch poor people without uniforms against poor people with uniforms, thus it is always a riot against riot.”

And when asked why the single is not available for free download, he answered:
“The decision was not easy, we believe in free music, but additionally, we are struggling to record and release and tour and everything costs a lot of money, so we decided to opt for a middle ground, people can stream the song, and if they want to support the band they can download it for a small amount of money, especially that we are not a signed band and we are still enjoying our freedom, so our fans would know that they are contributing directly to the band.

BLAAKYUM Riot against Riot

Walking down the riot streets
A vision that gives them the creeps
Our hatred has come alive

Lies they portray
Sanctified decay
The fall from grace

Battle the tyrants away
RIOT installed
Reverent trust in my

Hate, Hate
Riot against Riot (Hate, Hate)
Governance Decay (Hate, Hate)
Riot against Riot (Hate)

Lies they portray
Sanctified decay
The fall from grace

Battle the tyrants away
RIOT installed
Reverent trust in my

Blinded by Religion
Blinded by Fear
Segregating us into separate spheres
Uttered the lies
Threatened by cries
Consuming the lamb, for the lamb has been sacrificed
Controlling our lives
we wither they thrive
Never shall we obey till the end of our lives
Shatter their lies
Dissolving all sides
Police becomes militia, for the Freedom we will crush your  skulls

Now I take a pledge
In the name of our tears
Never to trust
Never to believe
The political pest that rules in our names
These fucking parasites should die
Bring all the people, prepare them the test to fight

Bring all the rebels and seers
Here we stand or here we break
Their boots opposing our fear
Out of the light
Never again
We should teach them our Rights
Bring them aboard or bring this ship to a wreck
Walk along
Bring down the young sprogs
we’ll fight them away


Blaakyum Riot Against Riot

Lilas Mayassi

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