A few days ago, the band posted the following picture showing the band (except for Jad Feitrouni) sitting together in a studio.

From 11 am till 12 30 am…more than 12 hours straight in the studio. Shit just got real

Posted by Blaakyum on Monday, 2 November 2015

Now we all know what that means, NEW MATERIAL!

But what could it be? A new single? A new album? Or were they just having a tour in some studio?

What should we expect the new album/material to sound like? Will it be like Lord of the Night? Or will it have a more oriental touch? When should we expect it?

The guys at Blaakyum had the answer.

Well for now we are recording a single to try with our new producer in Italy…no dates yet to be announced. We will give you more info about our single as soon as it’s done. Cheers \m/

We also learned that this is a non-album track.

Bassem continues commenting on the new album:

From the new album, expect a more aggressive approach than Lord of the Night (LOTN), as well a much better production. The only similarity it will hold with Lord of the Night is the fact that you cannot give it a single label when it comes to the musical style, although in general we label ourselves as “Heavy/Thrash Metal” which means we mix traditional and modern Heavy Metal with Thrash and groove, but even this label doesn’t represent us in a fair way, I would say it will be a Metal album, and the only thing in common with LOTN would be that there will be a variety in style and we will not follow a unified formula for the songs, but they will all sound “Blaakyum”. In fact, if you watch the three songs we performed in Wacken: “Freedom Denied (Al Aïn)”, “Baal-Adon”, and “Wicked Revelation”, you will get a bit how varied the new album will be.

As for the Oriental stuff, Freedom Denied is the only fully Oriental song we will include in the album (just like “The Land” in LOTN), but we WILL have a lot more oriental music slipped within different tracks, whether it was just percussion added to Metal, or more oriental feel in the song itself.

We do not want to do the same mistake we did with LOTN and announce a release date and then be limited by it, this was a main reason why LOTN did not come out as well produced as we wanted. All we can say is that the recording process will start really really soon, and it is a matter of technicalities as the album will be recorded mainly in Italy, with few tracks laid down in Lebanon due to some members not being able to travel.

We will keep you updated when there is more news about the new album.

Meanwhile, you can watch these videos of Blaakyum performing some of their newer songs in Wacken and an interview done by APESmetal.com where the band explains why work on a new album was on hold for a while, in addition to other various things as how Bassem discovered his voice and some of the band’s history.

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