Today Benevolent released Heathen‘s lyric video, a song featured on the album. Boy does it djent!

Benevolent is an extreme, experimental metal band based in the UAE, and founded by the two Lebanese brothers Hadi and Fadi Sarieddine. They released their first EP, Divided, back in 2010 (which you can download for free). Their debut album, The Covenant, was released last year to much critical acclaim.

Now that we are all familiar with the band, let’s get down to the song itself.

Heathen is a great track whichever way you look at it; it successfully blends death metal with djent, throwing in some ambient sounds along the way. The growling (although not to my taste as I have a general dislike to growling, it’s a personal bias) is very well done. Andols Herrick is beast behind the drum set this time around and he does a beautiful job at it. The clean vocals add variety to the mix, and the guitar solos focus on melody, which is a great choice.

Heathen was recorded at Haven Studio in Dubai and was engineered, produced, and mixed by Hadi Sarieddine and mastered by TesseracT‘s Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds in the UK.

Benevolent Lineup:

  • Fadi Sarieddine – Lead Vocals
  • Hadi Sarieddine – Guitars/Clean Vocals
  • Mohammed Gad – Guitars

– Antoine Kanaan.

Read more by:  Antoine Kanaan.
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