Aragonite’s The Order Downfall

Yet another song about the garbage crisis emerges as Lebanese band Aragonite release a new video.

The video starts with three different news reels from three different TV stations in Arabic, English, and French (the three most spoken languages in Lebanon).
Starting with a faint guitar that gradually increases in volume accompanied by the voice of a man weeping about the situation in Lebanon. A firm man’s voice follows with a dark quote in Arabic, the sudden crash of drums and a heavy distorted guitar complements the darkness they mean to deliver with his words and tone of voice. The video is almost entirely a compilation of TV footage from multiple news agencies.

A sudden halt, and a sudden cry from a huge crowd saying “Al-sha’eb youreed iskat al-nizam!” meaning “the people want to bring down the government”. Seconds later, the crowd’s voice is overwhelmed by the harsh growls of their vocalist growling the same chant. What an intro! The song is a straight up metal song, nothing new or special about it besides the lyrics (which talk about the situation and are in Arabic).


الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام,الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام
الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام,الشعب يريد….

النظام فاسد,معه يسود الظلام
النظام ظالم, كلنا خاسرين
النظام خاسر,من كثرة السقوط
و النظام ساقط, ساقط, ساقط

الحقد أعمى, معا نبصر الضياء
الجوع كافر, لنطعم الفقراء
العنف مرفوض, لتثبيت الوجود
الكره مكروه, مكروه, مكروه

الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام,الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام
المرايا بائنة, انعكاسها شنيع
المزايا زائفة, كل شيء سوف يضيع
الوصايه خائنة, خائفة, باطلة
الحكاية قديمة, بذيئة, رديئة

الثورة قائمة, حتى وصول المبتغى
الثورة دائمة, الى أبد الأبدين
الثورة طاهرة, أسبابها ظاهرة
كلنا ثورة, ثورة, ثورة


The lyrics incite the people to revolution, saying “The Revolution is pure, its reasons apparent”.

Overall, the music itself is not that great, but really the message makes up for it. It’s nice to see that so many bands are taking an interest in the situation and are expressing their frustration in the form of music. After all,

The artist does not create, he merely imitates. – Plato


– Majd Ibrahim

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