A Legendary guitarist from the Golden Era of the Lebanese Rock Scene. Member of the classic Rock/Metal band Exceed, one of the few bands in the history of rock in Lebanon to be able to gather more than 10,000 attendees at their concerts. Guitarist of The Butterfly, the band that started in the early 70’s and still rocking our world to date.
And proudly a W.O.A Metal Battle jury member for the Lebanese battle as part of the Middle Eastern heat. Will be Leaving the country in the couple few days to live far away seeking a better life. Well who can blame him!

This Friday 26-2-2016, The Butterfly will be performing their last show with Bahij Al-Khatib before his departure to the USA.

Location: The Quandrangle Live – Hazmieh

Date: Friday 26th of February 2016


“Hope to see all dear friends before I leave to the United States, it will be my last performance with my family my lovely brothers Faysal, Adib, Yousef and Toni . Surely the most thing I’ll miss is our Fridays performance. It was unforgettable 10 years from my life.” – Bahij Al Khatib.

Bahij Khatib Leaving Lebanon

The Jury - Bahij-02