If you’re a fan of Progressive Metal and haven’t listened to Bader Nana, well you’re doing yourself a big disservice!

Who is Bader Nana?

Bader Nana is a Kuwait-based Lebanese musician who started playing instruments since he was 18 years old.
Bader Nana is a one-man band who started his journey by being influenced by lots of Progressive Metal or Neo-Progressive Rock projects, and so far releasing ‘Wormwood’ (2011) and ‘Anthology’ (2013). His music has been featured on various rock/metal websites as well as getting radio airplay on several European radio stations. 

So let’s talk a little about the new album called “Devolver” due on April 10th.
‘Devolver’ has been in production for more than 3 years allowing Nana to explore new sonic and musical territory at his leisure to his complete satisfaction.
This album will be the same progressive bedrock just as the old albums but this time it will be with a new message of hope which is translated onto a diverse palette of musical arrangements ranging from cinematic orchestration, to soaring ballads, to dirty distorted rock anthems, featuring  several guest appearances including guitar and vocal work by Ramzi Ramman (The JLP Show, Lebanon) and vocals by Omar Afuni (Omar Afuni, Kuwait).

The album has 8 tracks with a total run time of an hour and six minutes. You can find the track list below.

Track List:

Mercenaries – 7:42
Victorious – 5:05
Without a Backward Glance – 5:37
Full Circle – 4:38
I am Alive – 10:42
Dust Within Me – 4:49
Desperate Times – 6:14
Devolver – 23:03

Bader Nana

If you would like to listen to his old albums:
Bader Nana’s previous body of work can be found at 

including his previous albums and a variety of side projects.
On this platform, it is also possible to contact him for any extra information.

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