Aramaic, the Oriental Death and Doom Metal band formed in 2010, has welcomed its newest member, Hendrik Wodynski AKA Tempest.

Following a discussion between the band’s guitarist, Fadi Al Shami, and Tempest, it was concluded that his alignment with the band would be a perfect affiliation. Tempest’s desire for drumming freely with no boundaries can be provided by the band, which is also in need for such a drummer to fill the position.

Hendrik was born in October 1986 in the eastern part of Berlin. His mother introduced him to the world of Rock at a very young age, having him listen to bands like Guns N’ Roses and Megadeth. He immediately developed a love for drumming, and more specifically, the sense of freedom and boundlessness that gratifies him. His passion for Egyptian Death Metal was discovered in 2010 when he joined MAAT. After a few years of performing with them, supporting Six Feet Under, Dark Funeral, and more, MAAT recorded and produced their debut album, “As We Create The Hope From Above”. This album paved the way to great achievements for them, giving them the opportunity of meeting musicians from across the world and playing at numerous concerts. 

Even though Tempest is associated with MAAT as well as Aethernaeum now, aligning with Aramaic would be cooperating with comrades and kin that he has promised and devoted himself into doing. Aramaic has all it needs now with Serge Lutfi as the vocalist, Fadi Al Shami and Ahmad Rammal on guitars, Michael Al Asmar on bass, and now, Hendrik Wodynski on the drums.

-Jad Baghdadi

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