As some of the band members of April ready themselves up to leave Lebanon to go venture into the unknown with the hope of increasing their skills, technique, and understanding of music, the band decided to give us a proper farewell.

Starting off with their EP (Archives Of The Mind), April played Ephemeral, Deconstruct, and Subtle and an untitled 4th original. They started covering Forsaken by Dream Theater, Hope Leaves by Opeth, Blackest Eyes by Porcupine Tree, Parabola by Tool, Diamonds And Rust by Blackmore’s Night (they played their own rendition) ending with old school rock Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple. They managed to gather a full house listening to their good music. I have to say, this might be one of their best shows that I have ever watched! I still keep my opinion that Opeth and Tool need a more masculine voice, but the chemistry between Rachel and her crowd was so emotional that Rachel started tearing up on stage. The bass solos were very impressive and noticeable unlike other bands where the bass is practically not even there. The guitar parts, as usual, fascinating! Finally, the drums, very technical and strict to the beat, I loved it. Their music was engaging to an extent that everybody (including me) was head banging to every single song they played! After April finished their heart-felt show, they left the crowd with a gap, they were done all of a sudden.  Luckily, The Butterfly closed the night with their covers of Pink Floyd and other classics.

Lastly, I’d like to say this was a very heart-warming farewell, which was emotional to some of the audience. I personally loved their show and I can’t wait until they reunite and give us our dose of prog again. I wish April’s musicians the best in their chosen paths in life, and I hope they gain a great deal of experience and knowledge. Until your return, Cheers!


– Majd Ibrahim

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