ANURYZM tour kicked off on October 8th in Germany as part of the Cologne Metal Festival, and the band had their second show in Diest-Belgium. But things were not as smooth as they should have been.

ANURYZM, and on their way to Belgium where they have 3 scheduled shows, received a message from the Belgian promoter Gianni Riga (Hydra Productions and Booking Agency) stating that they have no support act and no backline: “We reached Diest for a show, we were surprised to see no promotion/posters and of course no backline whatsoever.” (Read Full Statement Below).

Devastated by the incident, ANURYZM did the impossible to get the show at Diest up and running, “With the help of the awesome Moonlight Music Hall in Diest, we managed to get some drums and the minimal backline that we could get on a Sunday.”
The band continued their statement: “While the band was setting up, we were discussing the next shows with Gianni as the band were confused and obviously had questions, we were suddenly slapped with and we quote ‘I CANCEL ALL SHOWS’.”


Not to surrender to the situation, Anuryzm showed an incredible will to make the best of the bad situation. They got confirmed for a show in Amsterdam on Wednesday 12th of this month (Tomorrow Night) with the UK Heavy Metal band HOSTILE at THE CAVE Rock club. HOSTILE are currently on tour in Europe as well.

And the remaining show of the tour will be as planned at the Maximum Rock festival in Romania headlined by KAMELOT and MOONSPELL on October 14th.

Anuryzm would like to thank Mr. Marcel Ssod from the band Seven Steps of Denial for helping us with this…. And of course the amazing people behind the gig.. Mr. Aram TheCavelord, and the epic promoter Ellen J van Heezen who made this possible!- ANURYZM

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You can read ANURYZM‘s full statement below.