Anuryzm released the third single titled “ 199x ” from their new album “All Is Not For All”.

“All Is Not For All” is the second album by the progressive metal band, Anuryzm, from Abu Dhabi. The band previously released two singles from this album titled “Depolarized” and “Humanoid”.

The song 199x is good; at some points there are those small keyboard/synthetic interludes backed with guitar solos that brighten up the song, and towards the end, the song shifts into an acoustic part followed by some heavy drums and some high-pitch singing by Nadeem Michel Bibby.

But was it just me, or the video doesn’t make sense? I mean, what’s with grandpa hitting on the babe? Who is the guy in suit? Why did grandpa get locked? Is it all symbolism of wanting to break free from the old generation’s rules and norms? What has a bike assembly got to do with anything? Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

You can also check out the other two singles below.

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