August 20th was Amadeus Awad‘s  release party for his latest album, Death is Just a Feeling, which was released through Melodic Revolution Records worldwide yesterday. The release party was… interesting to say the least. 

To start the night off, Amadeus showed us a  behind the scenes mini-documentary regarding the album. It dealt with the recording sessions of the various artists collaborating on this album, from Anneke van Giersberg to Marco Minnemann and our very own Amadeus & Elia Monsef. It was a good start to the night, and it left me wanting for more.

Next off the whole album was played, but it was not a live performance however, just a playback of the record on the sound system. This being the first time that I hear Amadeus’ music, I enjoyed the record greatly and it left me wanting for more.

The AMA consisted of one question as Amadeus told the crowd, “You have three seconds to ask a question, and if you do not ask then I will assume no one has any questions.” Only one person asked a question, and it was “Explain to us what the very special gift means”.ArRk_lqJtiudI9jdLDaMp8JUXZvTxhHK1DVl_x2Tnrxz

Turns out it’s a nice idea for his new album. Amadeus explained that “there was a man living in isolation on an island, and for many years he received dark secrets from people across the water. One day he decides to respond by categorizing the secrets and answering each category if you will. So in this special gift is a paper, and if you read it you will find it to be blank. I want you to write me your darkest secret on that paper and send them to me, and they will be the cover of my next album. ”

Amadeus then performed live with Elia the songs Noir (from his album Schizanimus), Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple), Tomorrow Lies (Death is Just a Feeling), and an acoustic piece called Stardust, afterwards Elia departed the stage and Amadeus performed Temporary (also from Death is Just a Feeling). The performance was nothing else if not heartfelt but there were some technical difficulties. Then he began signing albums while the Progressive/Alternative/Blues rock band The English Way played some great covers to rock the night.

They were supposed to be the closing band, but Dirty Enzyme gave a surprise performance, closing off the night with a spectacular performance as always.

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