Aly Akl Released Ambient Metal Album QalaQ

Aly Akl… The scene is probably unfamiliar with this name, though he is not new to it. Aly is a Lebanese drummer, or better say musician. Most of you have recently known him from Qantara, the band that played 20 minutes as guests during the W:O:A Metal Battle, but were considered winners in the eyes of the fans, despite not being part of the battle.


However, Qantara is not the only way Aly is contributing musically as he has been working on another ambient metal project: Qalaq.

Away from the restraints of vocals, ambient metal or ambient music in general is a way of expressing the music directly, keeping you focused on the music and interacting with one’s mood. Usually, but not necessarily, it is dark and slow with a certain flow that keeps progressing, driving you to where it wants.


Qalaq is Aly’s 7-track album spread over 35 minutes where all instruments are composed and recorded by Aly himself except on the third track “Skeptic” that features “Afif” on guitars. To say, we often see ambient metal music always linked to atmospheric black metal music but never standing on its own, unlike the case here.

You can listen to the whole album here:

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  1. lilith m

    awesome \\m// keep up the good work \\m//

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