Alain Ibrahim, guitarist and co-founder of Turbulence,  and Ostura guitarist, has just released the solo track Nostalgia ahead of his Summer Jam 15 performance next week.

Nostalgia, a ballad,  was produced by Alain and Mixed and Mastered by Bassem Daouk.

The following is a short introduction Alain gave on his Facebook page with regards to Nostalgia:

Have you ever felt this strong longing for something or someone? It could even be longing for the way something/someone made you feel at a certain period of time… Well I know I have, and it’s called nostalgia. Here’s my take on that in this humble video below. Make sure to like and share the video if you like it, and share your comments and feedback either way!
Thank you Bassem Daouk for the wonderful mix and all the hard work you put with me into this little project!

Nostalgia is an impressive track filled with impeccable guitars. Peerless.

Check it out below.

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