Acoustic Duo by Roy & Wissam Abboud

“Acoustic Duo by Roy & Wissam Abboud” is a self-published book that contains guitar duets of various styles such as Latin, blues, acoustic, and soft rock. The music present in this book is composed entirely by Roy and Wissam Abboud, and it is designed for guitarists of all levels, especially intermediate and advanced levels.
Moreover, the book comes with a CD that contains all the songs on the book so you can play along, if you don’t have a teacher or a friend to play the tracks along with you.

You can get this awesome book for 20$ from these places:

  • Music Zone – La Cite, Jounieh
  • Homsi Music – Adonis
  • Bach Music Institute – Antelias
  • Hawa Music – Adonis

The music in this book is composed by some serious musicians, here’s a little bit about the authors:

Roy Abboud has studied Musicology at State University of Ukraine, specializing in classical and electric guitar, and music pedagogy at the Lebanese University, faculty of pedagogy.
He is currently teaching guitar at Notre Dame University and the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music, and at College Central in Jounieh as guitar coordinator and instructor.
Roy has several other books on classic, rock, jazz, and blues guitar.

Wissam Abboud studied Musicology at Notre Dame University in Lebanon, and Classical Guitar/specialization in Harmony and Sight Singing at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music.

He is currently teaching at “La & Do” music school as a guitar coordinator and instructor, as well as a freelance producer.

Check out some tracks from the book over here:


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